Fusion Power: Are We There Yet?

Google Images: The best thing since swiss cheese.

Today, I just saw an amazing video of a guy who’s daring enough to put his life (and the lives of his neighbors) in danger by building a fusion power generator. Considering that he’s not your average nose-picking walrus, it’s not as big of a risk once you realize that he’s got the brains to come through with it. The technology behind his invention is just stunning.

If you don’t know much about fusion power, it involves superheating deuterium (“heavy” hydrogen) or lithium (the stuff you find in batteries) into a plasma state, a reaction which creates a mini-sun. This tiny sun emits tons of neutron radiation that is absorbed by a special material, and the thermal energy is turned into electricity. There you have it!

An image of a fusion power generator. Courtesy of Princeton University.

Anyway, if fusion power actually pans out, the Earth will be able to benefit from this energy for about 150 billion years. That’s 30 times the lifespan of our sun. That’s ten times the age of the universe. You’d be able to play on your Xbox for quite some time! Imagine all the MP3s you can pirate! Imagine all the memes you can annoy people with for eternity!

Take a look at this video and tell me if you aren’t IN AWE at what this one guy can accomplish from some scrap metal and parts he orders from eBay.

If he had 10 billion dollars, he’d probably make an efficient implementation that would create enough energy to send my neighbors to the moon. It makes you wonder why we don’t eliminate the TSA and use all its funding for things like this. Heck, it would be more productive than creating jobs just for the sake of…. creating jobs. It would also create an almost utopian energy supply that no other screwed up invention ever did.

Tell me what ISN’T awesome about this so I can slap you later. I promise not to make you bleed if you have an appointment in the next 24 hours.

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