2 Reasons Why Text Will Continue To Dominate The Internet


You’ve seen it. The whole Internet is starting to entertain like never before. Tons of images on Memebase.Com, videos on YouTube, and funky Flash advertisements on websites like this one are appearing more and more throughout the Internet. Is this the end of written stories? Is the Internet just going to be one big video library? Does this T-shirt make me look fat?

Uh…… No…

Text isn’t going anywhere, and neither is anything else introduced into the Internet. They’re just adding to the harmony of what we see in our daily lives, guiding us through a world full of experiences we can live right from our desks. This leads me to the first reason text media isn’t going to kick the bucket:

#1: Your Eyes Like Text (Depending on The Subject)

In many cases, a video presentation is appropriate as the sole thing you should include on a page within your site. Unfortunately, I don’t think many would take kindly to a “how-to” video as much as they would if text was included below it. Many users prefer to skim through a text for information they want, as opposed to going back and forth within a video clip to try to find that exact moment when the guy says “…make sure you beat your meat well for about 5 minutes before we get to the fun stuff…”

That’s what happens when you see a video called “How to Lay Concrete Near a Rail.” You miss some steps.

Uh… That sounded very wrong, but I’m just going to leave it like that.

An entertaining parody on video is better to most people than a comic written story. It all depends on what you’re trying to put in front of your audience.

#2: People Don’t Like Other People

For the same reasons people prefer reading a how-to guide, there’s still a lot of people who prefer reading the news rather than watching it. The speed of a person talking might not be the same speed at which you can fully appreciate the information coming from the mouth of the person. You might not like the way they move their eyes. You might not like their tone. The way in which someone pronounces the word “pedophile” might creep you out. There’s a ton of reasons.

Sometimes, the news is better left in video form.

When you read text, you can read the following phrase in your own accent and at your own pace: “This is my voice and it sounds like crap.” You can absorb the words in their own time, helping you understand the text better. Teens and young adults have no trouble getting the juice out of a video, but older adults (26 and up) might appreciate the beauty of text at some point in their lives.

Think of it this way. While the DVD replaced the VHS tape, no video medium has ever replaced books. Face it. Hollywood is terrible at making book movies. As long as that remains true, books continue to be a part of everyday life. The Internet is the fusion between all sorts of media. You’ll always find written stories like this one everywhere on the web. Still, there are some facts we have to get straight:

Facts About Video vs. Text

  • People stay longer on a website with video than text and visit more of the website’s pages, resulting in reduced bounce rate.
  • The percentage of people using Internet Explorer is higher on text websites (76 percent) than the percentage in video sites (46 percent).
  • People watching video on the web tend to have faster connection speeds than those reading text.

I cannot disclose the source of this information since I have him in my protective custody. He is allegedly running away from the mafia and is living in a place I am not in liberty to discuss.

Look at the kitty. It’s a kitty. Meow, meow.

I’m kidding. I was just browsing this site and found those stats.

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