Merry Christmas From The Tech Guy

The year is almost over, and seeing as it’s now December the 25th, I just want to take the time to officially wish all of you a merry Christmas. It’s been a great year and, in these few months, the site’s gone pretty far. I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but I really hope that you’re all having a good time at least today. If Christmas didn’t come yet in your area, just come back and read this article when midnight strikes. That gives me more page views anyway :).

I’d like you to take the time now and meditate on everything positive that has happened so far. I know these are tough times, but that doesn’t prevent people from getting hammered today. I, for one, am a man with a taste for Stolichnaya and Egg Nog. Here’s to drinking excessively and shouting at fire hydrants on the street! This is the day you can finally whip out the old wine and empty the bottle without feeling guilty. Today is the day you can dance around on the street without people looking all weird at you, as long as you don’t live in Antarctica. By the way, for those of you living near the north pole, tell Santa I’ve been a bad boy. Tell him to send some extra coal, because I’m running out of coals for my hookah.

With all that said, enjoy the day like no other. We might live in turbulent times, but that’s why we have to shake up the place with some crazy Christmas parties!

Best Wishes!

– The Tech Guy

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