Holographic Tablet Turns Glass Surfaces Into Touchscreens

For those of you on the lookout for awesome devices that really look  like something from a sci-fi movie, look no further than… It doesn’t have a name, but it’s a concept device that will turn any glass surface into a full touchscreen, with a keyboard and disk navigation. For the sake of naming the device, we’ll call it the holographic tablet.

Created by Jakub Záhoř, a well-known designer of concept computing devices, the holographic tablet features a full natural user interface (NUI) with a media library, but nothing has been said with regards to networking capabilities, although one of the pictures of the device shows “Internet” listed in its main menu. Still, it’s a nice concept and hopefully, it will catch on with companies like Microsoft, Apple, or Samsung. I’d be surprised if they never make a device like this, especially considering how lucrative it could be for business presentations and friends who want to show off videos of themselves doing ridiculous crap.

Here’s another nice image of the device:

Judging by the hand, the holographic tablet should be just a bit longer than 7 inches and about 2-3 inches wide, making it small enough not to invade the “screen space” on the surface. To use the device, you simply attach it to the surface you want to turn into a display. This picture shows the device on the lower left corner of the surface:

After you start the device, it will expand a perimeter up to the ends of the table and calculate the optimal resolution for display, like so:

Once that’s done, the device will load up a “desktop,” in every literal sense of the word. The desktop will sport an on-screen keyboard for your convenience:

Now, here’s the fun part:

At this point, I’m extremely curious of what people think of this device, and I’d love to start a dialog with you. Leave a comment below with your opinion of the concept holographic tablet!


All photos are courtesy of YankoDesign.


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