Get Rid of Noisy Neighbors: Play Your Music Through Their Speakers

I live in an apartment building, as is typical with most people living in Europe, and neighbors sometimes don’t cooperate, especially when you live in a place like Romania, where most of your neighbors will get drunk around 3 AM and start blasting their music like it’s something everyone wants to hear when they have to get up and go to work a few hours later. Yeah, that’s life, but you don’t have to let them play their music. Right now, I’m going to teach you something simple I learned that lets you blast your music through their speakers, even when they don’t currently play music.

In fact, you could even get creative and let your voice come through and say something like “SHUT THE HELL UP! NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR NICKELBACK ALBUMS!”

The Process

Here’s what you’ll need to do this vicious act: A CB radio, a bottom-loaded CB antenna, and a linear amp.

Here’s the method: Through amplitude modulation (AM), you could interfere with the frequency your neighbor’s speakers normally pick up sound with, and then you’ll make them vibrate at whatever frequency you want, producing the sounds you desire. It’s kind of like how cell phones make speakers go nuts when someone’s calling you.

And here’s what you do: Hook up the amp to the CB radio, and connect the CB radio to the antenna. Get your antenna as close as possible to the neighbor’s sound source. Turn on all the devices and try playing around with the frequencies a bit. You’ll eventually reach a frequency that you will hear your own voice through as you talk through the radio’s mic. Once you think you got it, find a way to get the most annoying song you can possibly think of blasting through there.


This article is only for educational purposes and some of the things here could be illegal where you live. If you do not know of the legality of interfering with speakers, please do not try this. Keep in mind that, by interfering with someone else’s speakers while they’re not playing any music, you are breaking the law, and I did not write this so you can go around and play your music through everyone’s speakers when they’re sleeping. Also note that certain frequencies can damage speakers permanently. You don’t want to do that, do you? Sure you don’t…

The Tech Guy’s official disclaimer also applies to this piece of work.

Have a nice day!

Credit goes to LifeHacker for describing this process.


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