Google… Glasses? That’s Right! Google Makes Augmented Reality Spectacles

A prototype of the Google Glasses. This is how they should look like.

Google’s Android OS has been a craze lately, what with new and more affordable phones hitting the market as the days go by. Now, Google is planning to accompany its pretty operating system with a pair of spectacles. These aren’t any ordinary glasses, though. They’re meant to automatically zap anyone who annoys you to death. OK… Maybe I’m making that part up, but they’re awesome, and you should read about Google’s new “reading” glasses.

Picture a movie, like Iron Man. I know I already made a reference to it, but whatever. So, in the movie, Tony Stark creates a suit that, when he’s in it, displays a ton of numbers, statistics, and data for its operation. Now, imagine slipping on a pair of glasses that gives you the same functionality, except this time you can operate your Android phone using them. It seems nice, and hopefully Google can pull this off without making it look ridiculous.

Here’s a preview of the glasses:

Liked it? Well, I have a few things to say about it:

*BUMP!* Oh, Excuse Me!

One thing I can certainly hope for is that Google finds a way to factor distraction into its equation. Distraction is one of the worst parts of driving while talking on the cell phone. Imagine how distracted a driver would be while wearing these glasses and a whole bunch of crap just pops up in front of your eyes and you miss the fact you just passed a red light. How about when you are in the subway and you’re in a hurry to get to work? You might miss your station. I certainly hope that Google makes the glasses with this in mind.

A klutz, using Google's glasses.

“Holy crap! No one told me the 40th floor still had no windows!! AAAGGGHHH!!”

How Do You Operate Them?

Do you twist your head? Nod? Flip someone off? What do you do to perform an action on these glasses? One site says that head movementswill be the mode of operation. Wouldn’t you feel weird spinning your head around, or nodding slightly? What if there’s a little turbulence where you’re standing? Will it delete all your files by “accident?” These are things to think about, and I think these are legit questions Google might want to answer while advertising the product after its launch.

NEW! Google’s Presentation on Its Glasses!

We just got word that Google has made a presentation a while ago, so we’re going to show you their trailer:

Let us know what you think.

The Tech Guy’s Take on Google Glasses

While they seem like a really neat idea, I believe that the mode of operation and distraction factor deffo need to be taken care of, if they haven’t already been addressed. It’s as moral as it is logical to look into these things. Once that’s been addressed, I’m going to snag myself a pair. Good luck, Google!

Questions? Retorts? All-mighty know-it-all rants? Google bashing? The comment section is below! Knock yourselves out!

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