Video Game Includes NFO File For Pirates!

Starbreeze Studios, in its newest game called Syndicate, included a message for pirates and instructions for playing the game in the notorious NFO format that release groups often use to brag about each game release they crack. This was startling in particular because the company actually seems to want to work together with them!

That’s right, folks! Remember those movies where a hacker breaks into some super-massive server with 1000000000 firewalls, only to end up being offered a job by the FBI? It’s quite a parallel situation here, don’t you think? Starbreeze wants to offer these pirates a job at their studios, helping them crack down on piracy and establishing better copy protection methods.

The NFO itself dictates the following instructions:

  1. Insert disc.
  2. Play ;)

Further down the text, you’ll see the company post a job description with the following introduction: “Are you bored with watching from the sidelines? Ready to make the switch?” Contact information is included, in case a cracker wants to have a go at getting a job with the company.

Towards the end of the document, the developers sign it with the following message: “Over a hundred people spent several years of their lives making this game. If you like what you play, please consider purchasing it if you haven’t.”

Gotta love companies that don’t want to hurt anyone and want to use the opposition’s talent to their advantage. This is exactly the kind of spirit that makes ACTA a superfluous piece of crap. Keep this going and, who knows, people just might end up making money without hurting someone with one of those crybaby lawsuits!

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