Samsung Vs. Apple Lawsuit: Samsung Plays It Dirty

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If there was ever a company I would ever admire, it would be one that knows how to act as much like an asshole as I do. Samsung’s idea was not only brilliant, but it also is a monument to the nickel (a coin representing $0.05 USD). If you ever get sued, it’s probably appropriate that you learn a thing or two from Samsung, the mighty troll of the year!

Breaking Update: Apparently, we did not fact-check the source well enough. Read complete details at the bottom of the article.

Basically, they were sued for patent infringement by Apple, a company that makes stuff that other people like to mimic, but not necessarily copy. This time, for some rea$on, Apple was able to prove that Samsung was infringing on its designs for the iPhone and iPad, creating “knock-off” versions of its proprietary hardware and slapping Android OS on them.

Sounds exaggerated to me, but a win is a win.

Anyway, Samsung was forced by court order to pay Apple a sum of $1 billion in compensation to the losses that the company has experienced because of this “atrocity.” Samsung held its end of the bargain, paying in nickels

Samsung sent 30 trucks to carry 20 billion 5-cent coins to Apple. I’m not sure whether they were nickels or not, because the image shows copper coins. I call them nickels anyway, just because I’m an ass like that. Check the picture:

Gotta love the face on that collector as he stares at the coins falling into the large container; not with a look of satisfaction, but a pissed-off look like someone’s not paying him enough to haul this stuff around. It’s probably the most epic pay-off in history, and I’m proud to have been alive at the time that a company like Samsung trolls another company like that!

Bottom of the article: This story has already been debunked. The story originated from a Mexican online rumor site “ElDeforma.” This is, in no way, to be taken seriously. But it would have been awesome to see Samsung do something like this. I should have known this story wasn’t really true, as it would take several more trucks to carry the utter weight of the coins. They’re damn heavy in those quantities. Take care, have a nice day, and remember to send Apple some coins anyway.

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