Wireless Charging Soon To Be A Reality With Nokia’s Lumia 920


Doesn’t it suck to have to plug in a phone while you’re half asleep (or half dead)? Frustrating as it may be, it’s become a part of our routine. Perhaps you’d be thrown off if you were met with a phone that can charge without regular… penetration. That’s what Nokia’s going to do with the Lumia 920 phone, according to the details they’ve released with Microsoft.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 will have the ability to charge without sticking a cable in the phone’s little USB sphincter. This is probably achieved by some sort of magnetic technology, but I’m just speculating. Besides wireless charging capabilities, it also has the ability to stabilize images significantly with springs on its entire optical assembly that keep an image straight and prevent all the shakiness in videos taken by teenage girls filming their cats while they just got out of the shower after sharing a half-nude picture on Facebook.

Oh, and while we’re at it, you should really have a look at this video:

That’s called City Lens, an augmented reality module you’d find handy in a crowded metropolitan area.

And here’s another video that made this article a complete waste of time:

Everything I ever had to write about it, except for specs (which will probably be released later), is described in the above video.

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I want a red one………

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