A Very Merry Christmas From The Tech Guy: 2012 Edition


So, the world didn’t end, Obama got re-elected, the weather’s sunny, some rabbit got laid today, and I just wiped a booger off my keyboard. I’ve had emails from readers who were thinking that I’ve been kidnapped by the IRS or something. It’s been a while and I didn’t even know what to say, but Christmas came along and I decided to take advantage of today to have an excuse to write something. Cats. Airplanes. Sandwiches. Bleh.

Today, most people will be sitting with their families at the dinner table. Grandma will get run over by a reindeer. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Today, I’m having a lunch with my in-laws. It ain’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, I don’t get the whole “evil in-law” thing. The sad part is that I’m thousands of miles from my mom, my dad, and my brothers. They mean the world to me and it’s ripping apart at my chest to know I can’t feel their presence. It’s been keeping me down a bit, but I guess things will pan out in the end. After all, we have Skype, Zoom.Us, and this cute little device called a Magic Jack. It’s almost like being face-to-face!

But perhaps the worst thing is that I won’t be spending this Christmas with my son. It’s been almost three years since I’ve seen him, and the last time I saw him, he was too young to remember me. He was 5 months old. I walk through stores and see kids’ toys all over the place – a reminder that my son isn’t here and I can’t spoil him rotten. If you’re a dad that’s split up with the mom, you probably know the feeling. Or perhaps you don’t. It doesn’t matter. That’s how I feel, and the only thing in the world that can change that is to have my little bundle of joy sitting on the couch with me, watching a movie, pigging out on pizza, and torturing my cats.

On the positive side, my wife’s here (my son’s mom and I weren’t married). Her mom and dad are coming over and we’re going to have quite a blast. But after that’s over, the feelings come back…

Well, here’s to hoping that you’re having a very merry Christmas! I certainly will be in a short while when my in-laws arrive and I pop out the wine and beer!

The Tech Guy

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