How To Make A Library Fun For Kids


You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a library with slides. Nothing beats education with a playground environment, and one dude came up with a way to mix the two: Put a slide smack dab in the middle of a goddamn library.

That’s exactly what a South Korean architect did when he built the Panorama House, a house on the hills of Chungbuk, South Korea. Moon Hoon (it’s a real name) was the architect behind this and apparently had the intention of transforming the traditional boring library into a fun house where kids can get their learn on while getting splinters on their asses from a big-ass wooden slide. It’s the perfect idea! The way the books are stocked also inspires me to just start monkeying around with one hand while reading with the other.

To satisfy your curiosity, follow this link to see pics of the Panorama House.

I’d safely assume that the wood has some kind of lacquer on it and I won’t literally be pulling splinters out of my ass. And screw the idea of kids using a slide. Who the hell made them the only ones who can possibly enjoy the thrill of speeding out of control towards the floor? Lots of adults jump off bridges for their enjoyment (in the non-suicide bungee version). So why can’t they do something like this in libraries where adults go? I’d totally dig that!

Conclusion: Only people with sand in their privates aren’t thrilled with this idea.

I have a better idea, though: How about instead of a library, we put a pool of water under the slides, and we run water through them to make them extra slippery? That would be fun!

What do you think about this idea (the library one, not my plagiarized water slide idea)? Would kids be more apt to read in a playground environment, or would they be too sugar-rushed to actually get anything done? Comment below and we’ll discuss!

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