Revisiting The Graphene Hype

So, if you’ve been reading this blog (as our Dear Leader Kim Jong Poopykins has been commanding you to), you might remember I did a piece on graphene that touted its benefits. More »

4 Corporate Models To Combat Piracy (That Actually Effin’ Work)

There are various opinions about piracy, but one thing we can all agree upon is the fact that the best way to stop piracy is to offer something even better or employ More »

An Open Letter To Google Regarding YouTube/Google+ Comments

Dear Google, I f’ing love you. You know that. We’ve had a good run for many, many years. You’ve provided me with free services, and I’ve done jack s**t for you. I More »

How To Make A Library Fun For Kids

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a library with slides. Nothing beats education with a playground environment, and one dude came up with a way to mix the two: Put a More »

An Amateur Film Maker’s Wet Dream: The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

So, you’re into photography and film-making, but you don’t have Exxon’s budget. That’s OK, according to Blackmagic Design. They just made a camera that costs a little more than the beer budget More »


2 Reasons Why Text Will Continue To Dominate The Internet

You’ve seen it. The whole Internet is starting to entertain like never before. Tons of images on Memebase.Com, videos on YouTube, and funky Flash advertisements on websites like this one are appearing more and more throughout the Internet. Is this the end of written stories? Is the Internet just going to be one big video library? Does this T-shirt make me look fat?

Fusion Power: Are We There Yet?

Today, I just saw an amazing video of a guy who’s daring enough to put his life (and the lives of his neighbors) in danger by building a fusion power generator. Considering that he’s not your average nose-picking walrus, it’s not as big of a risk once you realize that he’s got the brains to come through with it. The technology behind his invention is just stunning.

Why Christmas Shopping Sucks (When You Wait Too Long)

I thought I’d get into the spirit of the holidays and offer you a reminder of why you shouldn’t wait too long to do your Christmas shopping. Perhaps this will convince you to shop in the first two weeks of December. The first week’s over, but it’s still not too late to prevent getting trampled by a stampede.

Useless Fees Tech Companies Charge You All The Time

You probably already know about hidden fees in car payments, loans, and stuff like that. Have you looked at your phone or cable Internet bill lately? I think you’ll find some of the most shameless hidden fees riddled all over payments you normally make, all of which will make you wonder why you signed that contract. Unlike a celebrity marriage, contracts usually last longer than a couple of months, so you’d do best to ask about their stupid fees. :)

The First Edition of Ask The Tech Guy

OK. So, I think I got a few questions here and there from people, enough to start my first edition of Ask The Tech Guy. Also, I haven’t written for a while here, and it seems like the noise of crickets is rather unpleasant after all. This website is not only a comic tech site, but also one that should help people once in a while, right? Today, I’m proud to release the first edition of Ask The Tech Guy!

Fun-Vii: The Touchscreen Car That Shows Everyone You Need a Hobby

If you thought that cars couldn’t get much weirder, Toyota just came up with the funkiest thing imaginable: A car that has a touchscreen interface. The car also comes with an “augmented reality” interface that might be useful, but WTH, Toyota?! A touchscreen car?! It’s a vehicle used for transportation, not a toy your kid squiggles weird stick figures on when you’re not looking!

An Important Word on Facebook Spam

It’s very urgent that you read this, as I’m seeing people from my friends list on Facebook fall victim to a sham that causes them to post a bunch of spam. This kind of attack systematically takes over the account of anyone who falls for the instructions on the link in question. As soon as I saw it, I decided to warn everyone about it. Once you read this, pass the link on to your friends. They’ll appreciate you for covering their six.

The Solid State Drive’s Dark Secret

If you haven’t been under a rock, you know that solid state drives (SSDs) are the newest craze in data storage. While it’s all fine and dandy in writing, the actual implications might make you want to appreciate your “outdated” system’s hard drive. There are some things you should know about this new piece of hardware that might make you consider keeping your hard drive.

Happy Thanksgiving From The Tech Guy!

Hi guys and girls! While this site only rambles about technology, I’m popping in to wish you a happy Thanksgiving day. I understand that this year has been full of hardships for all of us, and some of you might be wondering what tomorrow may bring. You can take today to think about what you have, instead of thinking about what you don’t. Today is a day I’m also going to open up to you and show you that, while I’m running this website, it doesn’t mean that I have it easy either.

A Guide to Breaking Your Computer


Today, I’m going to teach you how to completely obliterate your computer. Some of you might already know some of the techniques in this guide, and may have practiced them by accident. I’m going to give you a lesson in transforming your computer from a technological marvel teeming with life into a pile of metal as useful to your daily life as a chunk of coal.