Internet Censorship Just Started: Google & Twitter Are In

If you don’t know what Google is yet, you’re really lost. The two Internet giants – Google & Twitter – have both decided to pick up the pace on censorship and collaborate with certain nations that want certain pieces of their content blotted out, according to a Wired News article. I never thought this kind of craptastic catastrophe would ever ensue, because I thought that, well, people had brains, but it’s coming and it won’t stop. First it was the whole SOPA & PIPA debacle, then it was the craze about ACTA, and just a few days later, I find out that Google and Twitter are going to whip out some big-ass whiteout markers.

It seems that Google updated the policy on Blogger to allow countries to tell Google what they want blocked out. I had to do a double-take, because that shit’s just incredible! I understand that companies are under pressure. I mean, if ACTA passes everywhere, there will be no need for this stuff, but I suppose getting the cooperation of companies will help stop things like ACTA from passing, although it defeats the purpose of not having ACTA. It might as well have been signed by every single nation in the world, and it wouldn’t make a difference in comparison to what Google and Twitter agreed to do.

Of course, Twitter updated its policy a while back, but it surprised me to know that Google also followed suit. Who’s next? I think the next target might be Coca Cola, since some countries don’t have it and don’t want their users to know that there’s a better drink out there than their knock-off version.

There’s a lot of reasons why people are against this, and not all of them are against censorship because “OMG, they’re f**kin’ pirates!” That’s just a load of propaganda used to make people who aren’t pirates (pseh, right…) think that censorship is legitimate and protects their rights. Whenever I see people who believe this stuff, I see flag-waving, chest-beating, die-hard “freedom fighters” who believe that freedom has nothing to do with being free to do what you wish as long as you don’t step on someone’s toes.

Some of you might believe that the last thing I said on that paragraph relates to you, and offends you in some way. I understand that, as I am regularly offended by certain things as well. But, would you be promoting freedom by asking me to take that statement down? That’s merely my opinion and, just like you have the freedom to attack it, I have the freedom to keep it present. That’s what the Internet is about: Free expression. Let’s not forget the principle of being a global community. The Internet is the last place we can still express ourselves in. Let’s not lose that final hope.