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Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy Radio Show

The Tech Guy is a nationally syndicated US radio show hosted by Leo Laporte, who is best known for his and TechTV shows. The Tech Guy was originally broadcast on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles, California, and later picked up by Premiere Networks. He specializes in technology issues and is known for his humor, knowledge, and expertise. This article provides a brief overview of his radio show.

Leo Laporte

The Tech Guy is a widely syndicated US radio show hosted by Leo Laporte. Previously of TechTV fame, he has recently made the jump to The show first aired in Los Angeles on KFI AM 640 before being picked up by Premiere Networks in February 2007.

Listeners love The Tech Guy because it answers all types of tech questions, from iPhones to computers. Leo Laporte’s approachable manner makes him easy to talk to. Recording is done every weekend at 2 p.m. eastern time or 11 a.m. western time. New episodes are available for download within twelve hours. Subscribers receive new episodes as soon as they are released.

Before hosting the show on KFI, Laporte was hosting the morning show of the Armed Forces Radio Network. He also hosted a radio show, Laporte on Computers, on KSFO in San Francisco. His other programs included Internet! on PBS. Later, he hosted The Lab with Leo on the HOW-TO Channel in Australia. These shows have become popular and Leo Laporte continues to host them.

The Tech Guy has a huge following on the Internet. His radio show is syndicated on the Internet. Listeners can learn about different topics from this tech-savvy host. He can answer all your tech questions in real-time and then turn them into podcasts for their convenience. He’s been doing this for over fifteen years and is still going strong. With many affiliates, The Tech Guy has reached over 200 radio stations.

His radio show

Leo Laporte is the host of the syndicated US radio show The Tech Guy. Formerly known as the host of TechTV, Laporte is now most recognized for his work with The show began on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles, California, and was picked up by Premiere Networks in February 2007.

The Tech Guy’s show is a great resource for anyone who is curious about technology, especially the latest developments in the field. Leo Laporte answers caller questions live on the show and then turns it into a podcast. Listeners can enjoy this show even if they’re not an avid tech geek. You can also listen to archived episodes of The Tech Guy’s radio show and learn more about computers.

The Tech Guy’s radio show is syndicated to multiple stations throughout America, including KFI in Los Angeles. It was previously aired on KGO-AM and KKSF-AM in San Francisco. It ran for three hours each weekend at 11 a.m. Pacific and 2 p.m. Eastern. The show is often repeated on the same day, depending on the affiliate. There are two episodes each week.

Who is Leo Laporte?

Leo Laporte is the host of a popular syndicated US radio show, The Tech Guy. Previously known as TechTV and, Laporte has a wealth of knowledge on all things tech. The show began broadcasting on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles, California, in 2004 and was picked up by Premiere Networks in February 2007.

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The Tech Guy is a podcast that hosts live questions from the public. This show is great for people who have questions about technology and are unsure of how to solve their problems. Leo Laporte is an easy-going and pleasant host, so you’re sure to find plenty of information here. Streaming episodes of The Tech Guy are available on Apple’s iTunes store. They’re available for download in 12 hours. You can also subscribe to his feed so you can get new episodes the same day they come out.

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