Solar Powered Keyboards and Battery-Free Mice: Greener Innovations for The Modern Home

There are innovations in technology that reduce the fingerprint we create on the environment and we have to give recognition to everyone that has made the effort to walk the extra mile and make high-powered hardware that doesn’t guzzle down exorbitant amounts of power.

Genius Makes a Battery-Free Mouse: DX-ECO BlueEye

Of all things that run out of batteries quickly, the mouse is one of the most annoying wireless devices to maintain. My Logitech MX Revolution mouse has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts just shy of 10 days with light usage. While most mice can top that, it’s still a blunder to know that your mouse battery ran out. Heck, it’s a blunder to know that any battery ran out. We’re aware of that, and so was Genius, a company that makes affordable entry-level electronics and products for computers.

Genius came up with a battery-free mouse known as the DX-ECO BlueEye.

The DX-ECO BlueEye is a beauty compared to other products TTG has sampled from this company, and I’m serious when I say that I tip my hat to them for the effort. It almost looks like the MX Revolution mouse from Logitech.
Still, the DX-ECO BlueEye needs a recharge through a micro USB cable, since it still operates on an internal gold capacitor. Sources say that it will be sold for just under 40 USD. Take it from me: If you aren’t absolutely blown away by the awesomeness of the mouse, you can still use it as an adorable paperweight.

Logitech Has a Solar-Powered Keyboard: K750

We have to recognize that the most prestigious manufacturer of computer peripherals has always been Logitech, for its affordable mid- to high-range keyboards and mice. What people don’t know about Logitech, though, is that it made a solar-powered keyboard, known as the Logitech K750.

If you look closely, you can see the huge photovoltaic cells on the keyboard. This one isn’t going to need a whole lot of backup battery power, but you can imagine how it might be when you switch off the lights in the house while trying to watch cat videos in privacy.