Physics Engine Gone Wild: The Thing Animators Have Been Looking For

If you’re into animation, you’ve probably seen all kinds of crappy software out there that makes the objects go right through each other. There’s a lot of stupid things in 3D animation, and even the most modern games don’t have the physics engine necessary to properly render someone’s head flying off. People are disappointed when all the gorey scenes aren’t realistic. So, Lagoa Multiphysics Engine might have the solution.

Have a look at their teaser trailer:

If you don’t have any idea what’s impressive about this, please come over to TTG’s headquarters to get your free complementary slap in the face.

Seriously, imagine the amount of processing power and algorithms zipping through while these things are being rendered; not to mention the amount of polygons the GPU has to render flying round. Now, I guess you know why some windows still stay put on buildings when some huge biblical explosion happens in their vicinity: Their physics engine sucks. This one could be the solution lots of game producers have been waiting for.

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