Euro Truck Simulator 2 – ETS 2 – Review (Video)


On October 19th, SCS Software released Euro Truck Simulator 2, a game that hopes to trump any other simulator they’ve made so far. The day before its release, I received a press copy from the company (a big thanks!) and I took the time to analyze every aspect of the game I could. The day after release, I have played the game sufficiently to do a comprehensive review in full confidence. If you want to lift the 90 km/h limit, there’s a link near the bottom of this article. So, without further ado, I present to you my review of Euro Truck Simulator 2:

To briefly cover everything, here are the things I liked:

  • Graphics were amazing. Everything was absolutely realistic from that point of view. This goes far and beyond any simulator I’ve tried so far. It’s rather similar to Scania Truck Driving Simulator in many ways.
  • Driving was very realistic. The wheel didn’t center so quickly like it did in the first version of Euro Truck Simulator. Again, this was introduced in Scania Truck Driving Simulator.
  • The leveling system is very transparent and easy to maneuver.
  • Customization is brilliant! I can choose different accessories for the cabin, including (gasp) a nameplate!
  • Each country had its unique speed limits and roads. Semaphores and other signs cater to each country’s own unique style.
  • Bank loans are back! You can borrow up to 500,000 EUR from the bank and pay back in daily installments.
  • Overdrafting is possible and consequences aren’t so severe. If you don’t have money, you can still drive the truck to try to earn that money back.
  • You get to run a company now, buying different garages and expanding, much like you would do in German Truck Simulator.
  • Streaming radio stations!
  • Blablabla, yada yada yada.

Aaaaaaand here are the things I didn’t like:

  • There’s little to choose from as far as going across Europe is concerned. In ETS 2, you get to drive through Poland, Germany, Austria, about a quarter of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia (Bratislava), Switzerland, a tiny piece of Italy, and the UK. I understand that’s a lot, and some things were added on top of what the original ETS had; but it would be nice to have an update later on that includes Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, and more of the countries that were listed above. The longest I had to travel in the game was like 1,600 km. I’m wondering if we can lengthen that to 3,000. I love long hauls. That possibility should be present at least in a future patch.
  • 90 km/h? There are speed limit signs allowing me to travel faster. I know that the truck’s more likely to tip over at higher speeds, and the fact that the EU mandates that each truck have a speed limiter, but if I’m driving without a trailer attached, I’d like to be able to travel 120-140 km/h. The game limits me to 90 km/h and doesn’t give me a choice on that matter. There should at least be a button somewhere that lets me turn that limitation off.

Those are just about the only things I didn’t like. If you want to lift the 90 km/h limit, there’s a mod out there that you can use. I host it on this site’s server at this link.

To install the mod I mentioned above: Go to your Documents folder, navigate to “Euro Truck Simulator 2,” double-click the “mod” folder, and drop the file you download in there. Then, you’re ready to go!

All in all, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an excellent game and worth the 40 bucks. Just dish ‘em out and have fun! I give the game a 9/10. I’d give it a 10, except that it didn’t include a bigger map. I understand it was a ton of hard work getting it all right, but it doesn’t stop me from being a little bit disappointed. Everything else has an enormous thumbs up! I am anxious to see what else SCS Software comes up with!

To download Euro Truck Simulator 2, follow this link.

UPDATE: If your truck tips over, press “F7″ with the navigator on and then press “Enter.” This calls SOS and sends you to the nearest service station. You’ll be back on the road in no time. I decided to add this to the article due to demand. See? I’m looking at the comments and search terms to this article very frequently. If you have something else you’d like me to add or advise you on, please comment below and we can discuss!

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11 Responses to Euro Truck Simulator 2 – ETS 2 – Review (Video)

  1. rwds says:

    155km per hour with some volvo truck, phew!

  2. Xavier Thomas says:

    hey thanks dude , with the no speed limit mod , i am no more travelling at 90km/h but at 14okm/h and higher. all credits goes to u .

    only one thing , how do i hack the money and xp points. please help me with thoose. thx

    • Chrimle says:

      Search after Cheat-Engine on google, download and install.

      1. open up both the cheat-engine and ET2.

      2. Press the “computer” button in the upper left corner.

      3. Select the ET2.exe and press open.

      4. now type in how much money you have for.example: 1000

      5.make sure that the Scan type is set to exact value. first scan and some adresses will appear on the left

      7. now go back in the game buy or sell something so your money-value changes.

      8. go back to the Cheat-engine type in the new value in the box and press Next scan.

      If you’ve done right there should be one adress on the left side.

      (if you got 2 addresses try to buy/sell again and repeat till you only have one address.)

      9. Now double-click the address and the address will appear on the lower list.

      10. right click it and go to change record >Value. and type in how much money you want.

      I hope i helped you.

  3. ADR says:

    “90 km/h? There are speed limit signs allowing me to travel faster.” Those signs do not apply to trucks, though. 90 is always the maximum, trailer or not -80 if the truck is carrying dangerous goods.

  4. Abubaker says:

    how to use this link of speeding above 90km/h

    • miguel_gomez says:

      The article has been edited to include instructions. Sorry about that.

      • rwds says:


        • miguel_gomez says:

          Glad it served you well! Feel free to come back with any questions on the game. I’ll be answering everything :)

          • rwds says:

            This game is real time killer, provided mod also working well- already got several accidents due the overspeed on turns, but its ok, need more practice with that.

          • miguel_gomez says:

            I absolutely love playing it. One tip while driving at high speed: Try using the engine break (“B” by default on your keyboard) to slow down along with the normal break a bit before you start a turn. This helps reduce the truck’s tip ratio.

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