ZOMG! Apple Products Were Almost Banned!


What do you get when a company fiercely fights another for market share and starts going into “evil genius” mode? Nobody knows, but Samsung nearly hit the nail on the head lately in its fight with Apple, almost successfully banning its products from U.S. soil. What would Occupy Wall Street do without their iPhones to take pictures of police officers beating the living crap out of them?

Yes, in a showdown with Apple over patents, Samsung won a case against the mega iPhone producer, which would have resulted in the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 being banned from sale (at least in the U.S.). Notice how I said “would have.” That’s because Obama came to the rescue yesterday and suspended his ban-happy behavior for a second to override the potential ban on these Apple products. He vetoed the crap out of this move, and rightfully so. We don’t often see eye-to-eye, but this time he’s done the right thing, preventing a ban on the product and keeping competition alive. Too bad he doesn’t do this more often.

I’m not one to take the side of Apple usually, but when it comes to having its products banned, I am even less of a fan of that. This cat fight between Samsung and Apple is just a part of their very complicated relationship. Some of Apple’s products’ parts are produced by Samsung.

It’s like if I gave you a kidney one day and, the next day, I’d sue your ass because you’re copying my body. Weird, right? Welcome to the world of intellectual property!

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7 Responses to ZOMG! Apple Products Were Almost Banned!

  1. kunt eeekwood says:

    ZOMG! Samsung Seeks White House Veto of Import Ban :)

  2. kunt eeekwood says:

    No, Apple products must be banned in USA for a lesson. Their ridiculous acts of limitig every simple choice must be punished and im happy that Samsung succeed to beat them in their own evil game. What US gov did was unfair, and violation to the free market rules and also must be punished, hope exporter countries will find a way to show to US their hypocrisy.

    • miguel_gomez says:

      I agree with you on the fact that Apple plays dirty, but I don’t think that the solution is to *ban* something. Samsung and Apple should just be allowed to freely compete without any courts to screw it all up. They should play as dirty as they want, and one of them will rise above the other in the end. I already am seeing that Android is ahead on market share compared to iOS.

      • kunt eeekwood says:

        Banning the apples in US doesnt mean the end of the world. After all there are other markets (or not?and then why?) also Apple started these things with court and their patents and when they loose goin back to mummy/uncle? Now they will countinue playing iChoose, not making an effort what their customers really wants nor keeping out of breaking others patents and licensesand messing with courts with gov behind their back. Doubt this article would exist if Samsung lost in court.

        • miguel_gomez says:

          I would write the same kind of article if the sides were reversed. Anyway, I appreciate the sentiment against Apple. I personally don’t like them either. But I’m not going to ban things I don’t like.

          • kunt eeekwood says:

            It is not the matter of liking or not. This is the way of reconsidering their politics, company strategies and aims and they choose that way (court to tell them) It is funny how big corporations are playing on that childish level instead going to open platforms and software. Now Google follows also the evil path registerig full gammma of Gtrademarks, maybe next ZOMG will be for them.

          • miguel_gomez says:

            Perhaps. Open software is a strong competitive force lately. I hope to see it succeed and eat up market share from closed-source developers.

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