4 New Gadgets, Appliances, and Apps You Could Certainly Use Around The House

Your gadgets have served you well perhaps for some years already, but it doesn’t hurt to have a look at some new ones that are worth shelling out some greenbacks on. I think it’s about time we talk about some new and exciting technologies that may just be the solution to many of your problems. We’re talking about portable “take it with you” USB device chargers, smart refrigerators, apps that let you reinforce positive behavior from children, and cable organizers that actually work.

#1: The HyperJuice Plug
The HyperJuice plug is basically a battery inside a battery that lets you charge virtually any USB-chargeable device. The product is marketed for Apple devices, but it can certainly charge a Kindle Fire or anything else that you want to put into it. When the charger runs out of juice, just slide out the prongs in the end and connect it to a wall socket!

Picture this: You’re walking around with your iPad, Kindle Fire, or Microsoft Surface – whatever floats your boat – and you get this annoying notification telling you that you only have like 5 percent of your battery life left. You feel like you’re in a James Bond movie deactivating a bomb while there’s only 20 seconds left on the clock. Fortunately, you have your HyperJuice plug in your pocket (if you didn’t forget it at home like I often do with almost everything) and then you plug the tablet right into the device. Now, you might have the discomfort of a cable hanging out of your pants, but your device continues living, and Celine Dion sings “My Heart Will Go On” right next to you. Isn’t that sweet?

#2: Fisher & Paykel’s “Smart” Fridge
YES! Smart fridge! This actually exists now, thanks to Fisher & Paykel – a company that specializes in making your home a brighter place to live in. We’ve been integrating tons of computers inside our washing machines, dishwashers, and ovens. So, why not the fridge? After all, this is the appliance you solely rely on to ensure the prosperity of your perishable goods. Are you going to tell me you’ve never wished that your fridge could individually monitor and care after each individual item of food based on its specific needs?

Not only does Fisher & Paykel’s fridge do this, but it also learns your habits and adjusts its behavior accordingly. If you’re not sure what it means, that’s OK.

#3: ‘Caught Being Good’ iPhone App by Hyceit (For Those With Kids)
So, you have kids. I guess you understand that they’re going to be quite temperate little creatures with short fuses. How could an iPhone app possibly help? Apparently, Hyceit came up with a simple answer. Psychologists have long preached about how reinforcing positive behavior can have very astounding effects in a child’s overall attitude. If you have a child that just does absolutely everything you tell him or her not to do, perhaps “Caught Being Good” can help you achieve parenting nirvana.

Caught Being Good is an app that works in the following manner: Your child behaves well, and you say, “Oh, you’ve been caught being good!” Now, you can present your iPhone with the app open to let your child spin a wheel with multiple colors, each one representing a reward. Just like in wheel of fortune, the wheel will eventually land on a color. Now, you give your child his or her reward. There are some useful samples on their site.

#4: Targus Wrap-N-Go Cable Organizer
If you have an obsession with keeping things clean and organized (like my cats do), then you’ve probably seen every cable organizer there is (unlike my cats). Perhaps it’s a pet peeve of mine, or maybe it’s something other people share with me, but have you actually used any of these things? And if you have, didn’t you notice how disgusting it looks when you’re done wrapping up the cables? To me, it looks like you just rolled up some guts on that rig. It’s just not aesthetically pleasant at all and, honestly, I’d rather wrap the cables around my neck and hang myself.

Well, Targus came up with something quite spectacular, called the “Wrap-N-Go” cable organizer. This nifty little tool tucks cables into a neat little space so that the guts don’t show. Allow me to show you what I’m talking about:The little bugger even comes with a suction cup to keep itself seated. Beat that, other cable organizer companies! Targus, you’re doing it right!