EpicTopic: The Altruistic Social Site Helping People Prosper With Topics

EpicTopic adds a new array of maneuverability to the Internet scene, lighting it up with information, consciousness-raising topics, or just plain old entertainment. Users determine the content and influence ranking based on a rating system. You’re empowered to subscribe to communities that fit your tastes or create your own. Unlike other sites that focus solely on entertainment, supply and demand here is dictated on several different principles such as its relevance to the community it belongs to.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Here’s an explanation:
Communities are like little niches within the site that express themselves freely within their own domains. One community could be “cats” while another could be called “technology.” Each one will post topics within their own category. Until now, similar sites I’ve seen have been rather disastrous in this aspect and lack the organizational capacity necessary to be fully functional. EpicTopic doesn’t have this. It’s a site that trims its content down into pieces that everyone can enjoy. But this isn’t the best part.

ET also contains a marketplace (at this moment known as “Deal Topics,” but I’m hearing from the founder that it will soon be renamed to “Market”) where you can buy or sell things just like you would in Craigslist. The marketplace on the site is rather young, but has the potential to become something with a bit more substance than other beloved services we use. There are plans to add PayPal into the system, but as of this publication, the feature has not been implemented yet. It will take some time to sort out the situation, but the market is still perfectly functional and transactions can be made.

A Little Bit Of History
EpicTopic was started in October 2011 by a friend of mine with a visionary fascination for the social internet. In its short history, it’s become a professional website with a growing community and has that “diamond in the rough” that people have been looking for when they say, “So, we have all these sites on the web… What’s next?”

Its partnership with The Tech Guy (and, consequentially, my inauguration as co-founder of the site), began sometime in July 2012. Since then, we’ve been working together to attempt to get the site a decent amount of visibility it deserves.

Furthermore what sets ET apart is the underlying philosophy to help you prosper with topics! This encompasses personal, social and economic levels.
It’s these three pillars which form the foundation on which ET is built, with the altruistic goal to make ET the free internet service which empowers people’s lives globally.

Well, known social content sites like Reddit and Digg are owned by big corporations lost their noble purposes.

For this reasons alone ET is more than worth trying and showing support to help improve the world. Of course, the story doesn’t stop here. The site will be adding more features and expanding on its original ideas to create newer ways for its users to interact.

The company is currently looking for investors to give it a push forward and is listed on AngelList. For any inquiries, you can contact them here or through The Tech Guy on the icons at the top of the right sidebar.

So, What Is It?
Is it a social network? Is it a market? What is EpicTopic?

The site describes itself as a “social content site,” but I think it goes much further than that. As I’ve had the chance to speak to the site’s founder, I’ve started to notice that EpicTopic is something entirely on its own; a new step in the evolution of social content, if I may speculate. I personally think that we would need to come up with a new word for a site that empowers users with its own marketplace, allows social topics to be developed by the audience, and lets users develop their own communities based on those topics. How about an empowerment-based social content website? I’m just throwing words around, and I’m known to be horrible at coming up with names. But think of it: Users who get into EpicTopic will be drawn to other fellows in their communities, making them closer to one another because they share similar interests and can practically pair themselves up. The empowerment, trust, and companionship that comes from this would be, perhaps, more meaningful than what people discover on Facebook.

The Tech Guy’s Opinion On It
Yes, seriously. I think I do need to make an “opinion” section simply because I can.

Well, I wouldn’t accept the offer to partner with EpicTopic if I didn’t see some kind of spark in it and something that would please me as a human being. It sounds like a place that could only really be described as a “game changer.” We seem to have forgotten the fact that many of today’s successful sites have started by working on some idea with the same equipment you see lying in your garage. EpicTopic is that kind of idea; one you will see it emerge if the public eye gets enough of a gander at it. The team has worked very hard to make this a possibility, and now I think it presents an idea that could punch the underbelly of the Internet so hard that it will explode and candy will fall out. I’m not kidding.

EpicTopic is a communal social site that gives us a new human touch to our experience on the Web. We should definitely give it a chance and all the green lights it needs to get through with some real ass-kicking.